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Available Services

Pool & Spa Inspection

A complete look at the pool and all the working parts.  Items such as pumps, filters, and pool liners can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand to replace if they are not working correctly. Also, you want to make sure all safety features are in place and functioning properly.

Sewer Scope

We inspect the line from your house to the main sewer line with a camera to check for:

  • Cracks

  • Tree Roots

  • Corrosion in Cast Iron plumbing

  • Bellies

  • Blockages

  • Debris

We upload the full video for you to view with your inspection report delivery within 24 hours.​

WDI (termite) Inspection

A written report of an inspection on a home, where visible and accessible evidence of infestation or damage by wood destroying insects is documented. Typically required for a closing, Commonly called a "Termite Inspection", "Clearance Letter", or "Termite Letter".

Required for VA loans (we give a 20% discount for Veterans).

Sprinkler Inspection

The sprinkler inspection insures all the individual areas come on correctly and verifies the spray patterns.

 It also documents if the water spray is hitting the foundation, fenceline, sidewalks & building.

Infrared Thermography

A nondestructive way to inspect minute temperature variations to determine cold leaks (moisture or AC leak), hot leaks (insulation issues) or very hot issues (electrical panel issues). Valuable for inspecting window and door seals, insulation in attics and slow pipe leaks around water heaters or under sinks.

Included in all inspections.

Zip Level Foundation Measurements

These measurements can tell you where your foundation is today to compare against in future to see if there's movement.

5-point measurements included in all inspections which is a zero point at the front door and all four corners. We also offer a full foundation measurement service with multiple measurements in each area drawn out on a ground floor map.

Drone Roof Inspection

We always try and walk the roof, but if there's safety reasons not to, we have our drone ready to give us the best view.  

We are FAA part 107 certified for drone use.

Also available for Arial Drone photography! Call us for pricing.

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