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New Build Homes

Many people ask- I am getting a new build home- Do I need a home Inspection>? Absolutely. This page is just to show you what issues we've seen on new build homes including 2 sample reports from real new build inspections done in 2022.

All homes are a huge investment but when you buy a new car, do you want dented fenders and broken windows? Especially in this current market, houses are being put up quickly. Very quickly. The builder inspector works for them, and we work for YOU.

Do you know that in Texas, home inspectors are required to be licensed by the state after 194 hours of schooling, and numerous tests and pass a test with a 59% sucess rate PLUS mandatory yearly continuing education courses. 

To work as a builder- none is required. No courses, no license. Nothing.

A home inspector checks the different systems to ensure things have been done correctly.




The day before closing this house has no insulation. Insulation can cost between $3000 to $6000 depending on the size of your home and is a huge factor in keeping your home at comfortable temperatures.


Roof Support

At this new build we found a considerable gap in the ridgeboard that does not appear to be appropriately supported. This absolutely needs to be corrected!



HVAC system

We use Infrared to check out the HVAC system to ensure air isn't leaking out at connections. If ductwork isn't attached correctly then you are paying to cool or heat your attic instead of your home.  Even $10-$20 a month on electricity can add up quickly over a years time.


Roof Again

On this new build home, nails that are supposed to be supporting the ridgeboard are driven into nothing.  This may not cause immediate issues but can with time. Since this homeowner got an inspection, this can be corrected before closing.

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