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Buying a home is stressful and you have lots of questions! We will try and answer as many as we can and common ones will wind up on this page. 

If theres any questions not answered just text/call me at 346.290.5182 anytime 

  • Do I need a home inspection?
    A home inspection protects you. We work only for you- not the builder, not the realtor, just you. We inspect every inch of your house and report objectively to lket you know exactly whats going on so you can make an informed decision. Everything in a house is repairable, but when buying a house you might be able to negotiate on price or at the very least know which issues are priority so you can update them.
  • I'm buying a new home. I dont need an inspection do I?
    The builders has their own inspector that says everything is great, but they work FOR the builder, not you. On the main page you can download an inspection report for a recent new build inspection we did and see for yourself just some of the issues we've seen. If you bought a new car, would you take it with door dings and a broken window? Let us help you protect your investment.
  • Do I need to be present for the whole inspection>?
    Only if you want to (as long as the house is not occupied)! We are pretty focused while doing the inspection, so if you have any questions, please jot them down, At the end of the inspection we typically text/call you (if you arent there) to please join us for a walkthrough of the house. We then go through everything we found and explain why this is important for a remedy. what may have caused the issue and who can correct it. Then you get the full report with photos of all of it along with text explainations within 24 hours! If you have ANY questions, just text or call. No question is too small.
  • How long does an inspection take?
    Unlike some larger companies, we don't like to make a set time for an inspection. Typically an inspection takes 1 hour per 1000 sqare feet. Plus a bit more time for any ancillary services like WDI (termite) inspection, Pool, foundation measurements and sprinklers. Stuart goes to the house and lets it dictate its time. Some homes have more issues, some less. We don't rush so we can be very thorough.
  • Why are some Home Inspection companies cheaper than you>?
    Many home inspections are cheaper as they work on volume, doing 2-3 inspections a day; going through homes quickly, providing generic reports, not doing a walkthrough with you to show you everything going on in the home and not providing you with excellent customer service. At Advanced Home Inspections we try and only do only 1 inspection a day to give your house, and you, all the time you need so we can check out everything thoroughly and spend the time writing your report that you deserve. Texas law only requires home inspectors to check a "requisite number of items" to make an observation such as 10% of windows or electrical outlets. You are paying for a full home inspection though so we check them ALL. We go through every inch of your house so that you are fully aware of everything so you can make informed decisions.
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