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Infrared Thermography

Why Thermal imaging?

At Advanced Home Inspections we use the latest infrared technology and software to confirm our findings, as well as to inspect and identify problems at inaccessible areas of a home that would otherwise be missed.  We enjoy using this technology as it allows us three predominant advantages verses our clients:

1.) We find moisture, and/or energy efficiency issues and are able to pass these on to the client without using any form of destructive testing.

2.) Communication to all audiences is simply tough!  We value you as the client, and if you’re an experienced builder, or a lawyer, or a kindergarten school teacher we can relate some of our most crucial findings, using the same language, this being simply pictures of what we saw.

3.) Pictures; specifically crucial or catastrophic pictures of your future property will educate and prepare you as well as the detailed verbiage in our report for any potential property negotiations, as well as to help determine future costs for the structure. We are not home contractors, or building science majors, we are simply a company that carries out a thorough inspection, and offers our best professional opinion, based on knowledge and experience.

As we are completely objective:
it is our goal to simply inform you to help save you money!

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